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Michigan 2 L Michigan State 7
Spartans Route Michigan, Split Weekend

Saturday, November 11, 2012
Munn Arena, East Lansing, Michigan

After playing what was probably their best game of the season last night against these Spartans, the Wolverines played what was undoubtedly their worst game of the season tonight as the Spartans simply routed the Wolverines. Michigan was down three to nothing barely seven minutes into the game and it just got worse from there. When the blood letting was finally over it was the Spartans sending the Wolverines back to Ann Arbor with a seven to two defeat hanging around their necks.

The Spartans got the scoring started early, finding the back of the Michigan net for the first time just thirty-four seconds into the opening period. The Spartans got the puck into the Michigan zone and it looked like Trouba would knock the Spartan player off the puck and move the action back toward the Spartan zone. However, just as he got to the puck the Spartan player made a little move while dropping the puck back to a trailing teammate. With no other Wolverines between the Spartans and the net the Spartan skater walked in and buried it in the top left corner for the score.

With the clock just under the fourteen minute mark Michigan was whistled for a penalty giving the Spartans an early power play chance. It would take just twenty-six seconds for the Spartans to once again find the back of the net, taking a two to nothing lead. Michigan had the puck along the right boards, looking to clear, when they turned it over allowing the Spartans to quickly get it on net. The puck was once again controlled by Michigan, but again they turned it over right in front of the net on the left side. The Spartans got it quickly to the right, firing a shot over a diving Rutledge for goal number two.

Just twenty-three seconds later the Spartans would strike for the second time in less than a minute to build a three to nothing lead. The Spartans carried the puck the length of the ice, skating through the Michigan defense as if they didn't exist. Driving right down the slot they slipped the puck to the right side of the goal at the last second and another point blank shot was in the net for the score.

With the clock just under the thirteen minute mark the Spartans were sent to the sin bin putting Michigan on the power play and with just over twelve minutes to play the Wolverines were on the board, cutting the Spartan lead to two. Michigan had the puck in the Spartan zone, getting off a couple of shots from point blank range. Those shots were blocked, but the puck eventually went to Nieves who finally put it home to get Michigan on the board. Trouba and Moffatt each picked up assists on the Nieves power play goal.

With the clock just under twelve minutes the Wolverines were whistled for yet another penalty putting the Spartans back on the power play. With roughly ten and a half minutes left the Wolverines were whistled for a second penalty giving the Spartans their second two man advantage of the period. With just over nine minutes to play the Spartans scored their second power play goal of the period to regain a three goal lead. There was a scramble for the puck behind the Michigan net that ended when a Spartan skater took the puck away from two Michigan defenders, wrapped around the right side of the net, sliding the puck through the five hole for the score.

The first period would come to an end with the Spartans leading by a score of four to one. The Spartans held a sixteen to eleven advantage in shots on goal through twenty minutes of play.

The Wolverines played a better second period and would score their second goal of the game with just over eight minutes to play in the period, cutting the Spartan lead to two with plenty of time left in the game. Bennett got things going making a great pass out of the Michigan zone, hitting Treais in stride at the Spartan blue line. Treais walked in on the net, snapping a wrist shot top shelf for the score. Guptill and Bennett each picked up assists on the Treais goal.

The Spartans would slam the door on any thoughts of a Michigan comeback when they scored their fifth goal of the game with just under five minutes left in the second period. The Spartans brought the puck up the right side, gaining the Michigan zone, sliding a pass over to the top of the left circle. From there a Spartan player sent a floater of a shot that beat the Michigan goalie wide side for the score.

The second period would come to and end with the Spartans holding a five to two lead. Michigan out shot the Spartans sixteen to six in the period, giving Michigan a twenty-seven to twenty-two advantage in shots on goal through forty minutes of play.

With just over fifteen minutes to play in the final period the Spartans would score goal number six and the route was officially on. Michigan lost a battle for the puck along the end boards in their own zone, with the Spartans getting the puck into the high slot. A quick shot from there and the puck was in the net and goal number six was on the board.

With the clock showing just under eleven minutes to play in the game the Spartans would score their seventh goal of the contest. The Spartans got off a shot from the left point that was stopped by Rutledge, but the puck wasn't covered. With three Wolverines standing right in front of the net, a lone Spartan skater came in, scooped up the puck and buried it for the score. At this point the Wolverines pulled Rutledge and put in Racine.

The game would finally come to an end with the final score Michigan State seven, Michigan two. Michigan out shot the Spartans fifteen to seven in the period, giving the Wolverines a forty-two to twenty-nine advantage in shots on goal for the game.

Not much to say about this game really, the Wolverines simply did not show up. They got out worked, out hustled, and simply taken out behind the woodshed, getting treated to an old fashioned beat down. The best thing Michigan can do with this game is forget it. Put it behind them and get ready for Notre Dame who will be in town for a pair of games this Thursday and Friday at Yost Arena.